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Gaining patient trust through better data and better listening

Podcast - October 18, 2022

Patient Access

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In this episode of the MGMA Insights podcast, we spoke with Carrie Kozlowski, OT, MBA, chief operating officer and Co-founder, Upfront Healthcare; and Maria McGowan, senior vice president, marketing, Duly Health and Care.

Kozlowski and McGowan sat down to chat with us in Boston following their Medical Practice Excellence: Leaders Conference session, “Activating Patients for Necessary Care and Visit Adherence.”

Don’t quite have time to listen to the entire episode? No worries. We’ve compiled an assortment of highlights for your convenience:

(4:39): “I feel like we're obligated to use the information that they're willing to share with us to build a trusting relationship that shows them, we know you, we understand you and now we're going to help you as an individual get the care you need. That's where using data for me really comes into this place of trust and relevance and respect.” – Kozlowski

(5:06): “Patients do come to us during their most vulnerable times. A lot of times they put off appointments with the doctor for as long as possible. It’s something that is happening to them that really gets them there, and so we see them in their most vulnerable moments. We have to understand that, and they are giving us their trust, so how do we give that trust back?” – McGowan

(6:11): “We started to ask patients, what is it that will make you flourish? When are you flourishing? And we ask our providers that as well. We want to help our physicians (and) our employees flourish as well. But really, what does it mean for the patient for them to feel whole again?” – McGowan

(10:38): “The advice I gave, maybe the homework, to the attendees today was: Try to list out every way in which a patient hears from you, or needs to communicate with you. I promise it will cross multiple slides in 10 font. Then sit down as a team and say, is this what we want to deliver to our patients? And what is our strategic approach to, as Maria said, delivering a distinctive experience that results in patient flourish?” – Kozlowski


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The MGMA Insights podcasts are produced by Daniel Williams, Rob Ketcham and Decklan McGee. 

You can now register for the Medical Practice Excellence: Leaders Conference DX, Nov. 8-10.  Kozlowski and McGowan will present “Activating Patients for Necessary Care and Visit Adherence" on Thursday, November 10th. 

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