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    MGMA Services


    Tap into connections and industry insights that positively impact medical practices and the communities they serve.

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    Make informed decisions with industry-leading benchmarking data, analysis and reports.

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    Connect and immerse yourself in events that offer solutions to the challenges facing medical practices today.

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    Choose from an established team of health experts to tackle your organization’s most pressing challenges.

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    Demonstrate your commitment to medical practice excellence through ACMPE Certificates, Board Certification or Fellowship.

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    Enrich your knowledge and earn continuing education credit through expert trainings, guidance and resources.

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    Career Center

    Locate the next step in your career or highly qualified candidates for your next hire in our proven and reliable job board.

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    Partner with our team in Washington, D.C. to support your practice by translating complex regulations into focused, actionable updates.

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    Why MGMA?

    Advance the business of healthcare today for a better tomorrow


    Years of achieving medical practice excellence.


    Medical practice administrators, executives, and leaders.


    Physicians represented at more than 15,000 group medical practices ranging from small private medical practices to large national health systems.

    We believe the future is what you make it, and we’re here to support the people who are ready to make the world a better place. See what your peers are saying about us!

    This was my first time attending an MGMA conference. I will definitely sign up to attend next year. There was so much valuable information/practices shared. The networking was incredible. I loved the experience!

    Marquita H.

    This conference exceeded my expectations! MGMA is dominating content delivery in the virtual space. Very impressive!

    Estari A.

    Our MGMA consultant gave us the perspective we needed to isolate and correct our problems as a practice. The good, bad and ugly came out, and we saw where and how to manage an effective plan of change. We all profited in revenue enhancement and management of the office.

    Peter M.

    Working with MGMA is easy and stress free and we always see results. We feel like we've built a great working relationship with them that allows us to maximize every opportunity to deliver exceptional content and engage their members in meaningful ways to help us build our brand and effectively reach healthcare organizations that can benefit from our solutions.

    Lea C.
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