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    In this episode of the Insights podcast, we spoke with conference attendee, Mariely Taveras. Taveras is a pulmonary outpatient practice manager for Weill Cornell Medicine in New York.

    Wearing a name tag adorned in ribbons, Taveras sat down with us in Boston to discuss her Medical Practice Excellence: Leaders Conference experience.   

    Don’t quite have time to listen to the entire episode? No worries. We’ve compiled an assortment of highlights for your convenience:

    (4:57): “I'm in the cohort of hospital-owned 251 plus full-time employees, so I thought, for me, it would be very meaningful to talk with people in that group like I am, (who are) part of a large system. I wanted to have conversations with directors and administrators who are overseeing those 250, and kind of look for a future for myself on, if this might be a position that I want to have, what are the challenges you're facing? And make those connections to see, on your level, are you still seeing the same things that I am? Interestingly, it is very nice to know that I'm not the only one having this problem. Even though maybe my direct oversight is small, it's been great to make some connections, and help some of my peers also.”

    (5:42): “At my table this morning some of my peers were talking about moving from a model of secretaries answering phones into moving to a call center model. That's something that I have a lot of experience with, is transitioning. Prior to my work in pulmonary, I worked in the GI division, I worked in ophthalmology, so really kind of specialty medicine. … In both my GI and in pulmonary (experience) I actually did that process of transitioning from the doctors or one secretary answering phones - which is a lot for anyone - to a call center model. So I'm actually excited to connect with them after this and share like, ‘Hey, these are resources that I've already made. Take them, put your logo on it, make it your own. This is how I've been able to do that successfully in two different specialty practices.’”

    On her ribbon that says, “I’m bilingual. What’s your superpower?”:

    (11:17): “I speak Spanish and English - which is nice, I can help in real time. But we do have a lot (of patients that speak) Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Russian. We have a wide array of languages, and we actually have dedicated interpretive services that we use, because we want to make sure we're delivering care and in a language that (patients) understand and that they can comprehend. … When we're talking medical terms, we really need to make sure that patients understand in a language that they feel comfortable (with), and they know what's happening.”

    On her ribbons that says, “I survived ACMPE Bootcamp”:

    (11:59): “That was fun. It was actually a pre-conference workshop. … They were able to go over the Body of Knowledge, and let us know, ‘Hey, these are the things that you're going to be questioned on. These are the key terms.’ So it was three hours of intense, kind of a lot of information coming at us. But it's nice, because I can go back home, take the slides, print them out and go back and look up those key terms.”

    On her ribbon that says, “Like a Boss.”:

    (12:58): “It's almost a little bit of a reminder to myself: you do great work. It's impactful, it's meaningful, and yes, you're a boss. So just give yourself a little bit of credit sometimes. I think it happens a lot in healthcare, we just put our heads down and do the work we power through, and we don't take the time to say, ‘Hey, I did a great job.’”



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    The MGMA Insights podcasts are produced by Daniel Williams, Rob Ketcham and Decklan McGee. 

    If you missed our live conference, you can now register for the DX Medical Practice Excellence: Leaders Conference, Nov. 8-10.

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