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    Racing teams know the importance of speed, precision, and agility. In healthcare, it's no different.  


    Healthcare professionals need immediate access to real-time data to support and quickly address areas of improvement. 

    In partnership with WhiteSpace Health, we are proud to bring the next evolution in healthcare management: MGMA DataDiscovery, an intelligent medical group analytics tool designed to review and analyze your physician practice performance. 

    Healthcare organizations of any size can utilize DataDiscovery to automate KPI reporting and benefit from the business insights derived from their own financial, operational and telehealth data, making identifying and acting on areas of improvement seamless. 

    Key features of MGMA DataDiscovery include comparing your practice performance to MGMA's annually collected benchmarks, ongoing data surveillance and automated alerts, customizable data visualizations and more! 

    Get in the winning lane by talking with our data experts today!  Set up a complimentary demo and get started today by completing the form on this page.

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    Your roadmap to real-time data application

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    See how you can revolutionize your organization

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