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    For over sixty years, MGMA’s certifying body, the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE), has been developing the leaders who continue to elevate the field of medical practice administration. The Certified Medical Practice Executive (CMPE) credential identifies the highest standard of knowledge and expertise. The Fellows of ACMPE (FACMPE) are the most prestigious professionals in the medical practice management community.

    One of the requirements to earn, and maintain the certification and fellowship credentials, is to complete 50 hours of continuing education (CE) credit to demonstrate ongoing personal and professional development in the field of medical practice administration and healthcare leadership. Of the 50 hours, 30 must be from MGMA and its affiliates, 12 of which must be live MGMA learning events, the remaining 20 can be MGMA or qualified sources. 

    Continuing Education Credit is defined as credit that is earned through MGMA, our affiliates, or other educational organizations whether the program is administered in-person or via distance offerings (webinars, online seminars, etc.). MGMA recognizes that numerous activities contribute to professional growth and management effectiveness. Continuing education hours are granted for programs that include relevant content aimed at improving professional competencies and medical practice management and healthcare leadership knowledge. Content focused on inspirational, clinical or technical issues does not qualify.

    Annual Application Form

    Event Review Form

    Benefits of Becoming a Pre-Approved Qualified Education Source

    Becoming a pre-approved qualified education source gives an organization the ability to advertise ACMPE credit to the ACMPE community and drive increased attendance at events. Organizations would be approved to offer ACMPE credits for one year on a renewable basis with a one time, six month preliminary period for review of events. Pre-approved qualified education sources will count toward the required MGMA source hours, and may be qualified as MGMA live hours depending on delivery method and may be used towards all ACMPE continuing education requirements. 

    We encourage all organizations that offer their educational programs to members or publicly to apply to become a qualified education source. Applicant organizations include academia or a not-for-profit. All for-profit organizations should connect with to discuss their educational offerings and pricing to ensure there is no conflict of interest with promotion and the development of content is not in the sole interest of self-promotion.

    For organizations that provide joint education, the organization that has been qualified for pre-approved ACMPE continuing education must be responsible for the primary development. Pre-approval is not to be used across partners or sponsors of the approved organization.

    Pricing and Instructions
    • Yearly fee of $1,200 for non-profit or academic organizations
    • Yearly fee of $1,800 for all for profit organizations with understanding of promotional allowances

    Applications are to be delivered to Once the online application is submitted, please allow 7-10 business days for review. When application is approved, the ACMPE staff will deliver an agreement for a one year with dates of service that will begin once contract is executed. Date payment must be received by will be included in the agreement, if payment is not received in time, agreement is terminated, and service may not be provided as outlined. Organizations that are up for renewal, will be required to complete a new agreement and payment at least 30 days prior to the end of the previous agreement. If you do not renew before the 30 days, a new application may be requested, and a six month preliminary period may be required.

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