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First Place State Affiliate of the Year Award Winner

MGMA is proud to announce the State Affiliate of the Year Award Winners of 2022

First place winner: Missouri MGMA

Missouri MGMA Strategic Plan 2021-2022

Missouri Medical Group Management Association strives to fulfill our mission to “develop and equip
our members to create dynamic, successful medical group practices that meet the needs of today’s
patients through education, building relationships, advocating and providing tools that focus on the
delivery of excellence in patient care.” Focusing on this objective and its members, MISSOURI MGMA prides itself on being the premier medical practice resource in the state of Missouri.

Strategic planning and goal setting are critical to the success of any organization and the same is true
for MO MGMA. Each summer the board meets to conduct our annual strategic planning. Our focus
this year was to set and achieve SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely) goals that will serve as a springboard for change and progress. The board focused its strategic planning on maximizing our strengths and opportunities and reducing or addressing our threats and weaknesses
following an environmental scan and SWOT analysis. The environmental scan is the first step of the
strategic planning process where we review high level data from around the state and other MGMA
state chapters to determine what is working well and what may not be working well in terms of
membership growth, conference participation, and COVID related challenges that could hinder travel
and budgets among medical practices and impact our goal accomplishment. This was an energetic
exchange of frank discussion of the good, bad, and sometimes ugly reality of the current challenges we
faced. A key component of the discussion was the voice of the customer, our members, from
feedback gathered from our member survey. Through these initial exercises we determined
membership growth, conference attendee and business partner growth where the 2 strategic
challenges that we needed to focus and improve. The analysis helped us to identify lessons learned of
how positive past performance could be enhanced and less beneficial performance could be avoided.

Among the lessons learned within the strategic planning process was that we had to be more inventive
in the way we grow membership. The board agreed that we needed to enhance our organizational
membership offering. We provide multiple levels of organizational memberships to encourage
medical practices to consider a discounted membership rate and have significantly more practice
leaders involved in the membership.

We agreed on 4 major goals:
1) Grow membership by 5%
2) Create a membership committee
3) Host 150 conference attendees
4) Grow our conference exhibitors to 50

We identified a list of potential organizations and Board members made personal connections with leaders inside the organization and shared the benefits of membership. Using this approach, we added 4 organizational memberships representing more than 70 new members. This was an important step in increasing membership and a lesson learned from prior years of relatively flat to modest growth.

We extended this concept to colleges and universities that offer healthcare leadership programs and invited those schools to consider an organizational membership at no cost to the student so that they can become engaged members at an early stage in pursuit of their careers. The cost of the organizational membership is nominal to the institution but the benefit to the student and our chapter is significant. One university became an organizational member and we are having conversations with others. As a result of these strategies, in 2021 we grew membership by 20%.

One of the most exciting concepts we are rolling out related to our annual conference that came from our strategic planning session is a reverse tradeshow. A reverse tradeshow is a process where we will have 10 tables setup with tent cards and at each table there are 2 decision makers from a health system. Vendors are charged an additional fee to have an uninterrupted session with each table for 10 minutes to begin a relationship and to pitch their products and services. For the participating organizations we will offer one complimentary conference registration which will also have a positive impact on the conference. This innovative approach will increase conference revenue rather significantly at our upcoming Spring conference.

We accomplished our goal of creating a membership committee and they were instrumental in
executing another new strategy through alternative methods to networking for our membership that
was cost effective and relevant to the challenges in the medical practice today. The committee
developed what we call the Quarterly Connection. The Quarterly Connection is a quarterly virtual
education session where topics are identified via our Friday Focus surveys and a panel of experts
speak on the topic. One business partner and one member representing large, medium, and smaller
sized medical practices serve on the panel. We solicit specific questions from our membership to help steer the education to ensure it is as impactful as possible to all practice sizes. This has been a
tremendous success as we average engaging more than 50 participants per event.

The membership committee was also important to our success in member growth and retention. The
members of the committee made personal phone calls to encourage membership renewal and
conference attendance. The committee also created a “Why MISSOURI MGMA?” video that is
featured on our website and increased social media activity.

Additionally, we were able to use the committee, along with the board of directors, to review the
content of our website. Another set of eyes was tremendously helpful to ensure the content was
accurate and current.

We were excited to be able to meet in person at our annual conference and while we missed our
attendee and exhibitor goals by just a very small margin (84 and 46 respectively) our members and
vendors where so engaged and the networking may have been the best we’ve seen in years.

Another important connection to our membership is our bi‐monthly newsletter. Educational material
is presented along with opportunities to promote MGMA initiatives such as MGMA Stat, Surveys and
MPEC. The newsletter is sent electronically to 900+ members and non‐members. Our ACMPE Forum
Representative and Legislative Liaison are regular contributors. The audience depth coupled with
these contributions provide an avenue to promote ACMPE regularly and keep practices informed of
important legislative issues. Our ACMPE forum representative promoted the college at our annual
conference as a presenter at a pre‐conference new manager bootcamp and in the MGMA/ACMPE
booth in our exhibit hall. The bootcamp was very well attended and was the perfect kickoff to the

The board also recognizes the importance of our local chapters and recommitted with action steps to
improve the health of those local chapters. As part of the spring conference, we provide a local
leaders symposium. This is an opportunity for those leaders to learn from each other by sharing
ideas, to strengthen the local chapters and, in turn, the state and national association. The board has
increased its presence at their virtual local chapter meetings and our local chapter leaders monthly
call led by our immediate past president. The agendas for the calls allow time for each chapter to
share successes and challenges since the last call and promote engagement with board members.

The MGMA Compensation and Production Survey was promoted well again this year. Data is a
strategic advantage of MGMA and we emphasized the value of the survey by determining what
percentage of our membership participated in the annual data collection, what percentage does not
participate and never plans to, and what percentage of our membership does not currently
participate due to a lack of knowledge of the value of this survey via our Friday Focus question. The
results revealed how little was known of the value of the Survey. In 2021 we increased the
promotion of this survey to ensure our members understand the value of participation. In addition to
promoting the survey to our membership using MGMA’s Feathr platform and email campaign, we
also included a link to the survey in our February newsletter and promoted participation through our
local chapters.

Our website is an important aspect of connecting our members and potential members. Features
include our member directory, upcoming events and on‐demand education, and current news such as
the weekly MGMA Washington Connection.

One of our educational standards and member benefits is to provide monthly webinars at no cost to
our members. Relevant topics range from value‐based care to the popular Washington Update
presented by MGMA Government Affairs.

Friday Focus, similar in nature to MGMA Stat, is another tool we use to connect with our members. This weekly, one question survey promotes MGMA efforts, reveals educational topic ideas, and
provides real time data on issues our members are facing. As simple as this communication is, it
keeps the MO MGMA name in front of members, and encourages involvement on the most basic

In conclusion, everything described above demonstrates our commitment to serving our members so
that we may better serve the healthcare community and promote the benefits of the MGMA brand.

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