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    Healthcare’s business analytics market is projected to grow from $14 billion in 2019 to more than $50 billion by 2024. To help healthcare professionals better understand and utilize data, this episode of MGMA Insights is focused on providing information on how data can best be utilized in a medical practice. We also explain the importance of evidence-based thinking and discuss how to apply key metrics to a dataset.

    Experts and topics in this episode include:

    • Ashley Voss, Data Analyst II, MGMA, on data collection and analysis
    • Chris Addison, MBA, LSSGB, Student Health Services, on Lean principles and data-driven decisions
    • Lynda Barrie, Consultant, MGMA Consulting, on key metrics to use in datasets
    • Frank Cohen, MBB, MPA, Director of Analytics, Doctors Management LLC, on evidence-based thinking
    • Timothy Smith, CPA, ABV, Principal, TS Healthcare Consulting, on being a data skeptic

    Sources for this episode include:

    Predicting the Future of Healthcare with Analytics
    The Power of Benchmarketing Data for Healthcare Leaders
    Physician Practice Losses: Using Loss Sourcing Analysis to Identify and Quantify Loss Causes
    Get Proactive with Payments: How Medical Groups Can Fearlessly Revamp Revenue Cycle Management

    Continue adding critical-thinking and evidence-based decisions to your day-to-day role with our resource, Don’t Do Something Just Stand There by Frank Cohen. Learn to reduce the uncertainty around the decisions you make, thereby increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome.

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