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Medical Practice Excellence: Leaders Conference


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10/09 at 12:00 PM to 10/12/2022 at 12:00 PM

What are PSAs and how do they fit into alignment and integration models?

The road to private equity is paved with good intentions…and lots of other options.

To be fair: selling to private equity may be the best decision for your situation. These kinds of mergers and acquisitions are certainly on the rise, as a recent MGMA Executive Session podcast episode makes clear.

But for those of us who want to retain some degree of independence, we must understand the breadth of the integration spectrum. This is the subject of “Alignment Models and What are PSAs?” to be delivered at the Medical Practice Excellence: Leaders Conference in Boston, Massachusetts (Oct. 9-12, 2022), by Taylor Cowart of the Coker Group’s financial and hospital services division.

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Ms. Cowart will take us through the spectrum ranging from limited (physician-to-physician) to moderate (typically physician-to-hospital) to full integration, in which the physician-to-investor relationship is the endpoint. See the following chart for a sense of the breadth.


Ms. Cowart will also pay special attention to Professional Services Agreements (PSAs). As she writes, “Healthcare organizations have a wide array of options available for partnership and alignment that allow them to capitalize on the strengths of both parties. While many organizations default to employment for a variety of reasons, other alignment models are available. One of these is the pursuit of professional services agreements (“PSAs”), which, while not a new concept, continue to represent viable alignment opportunities in light of industry dynamics and trends.”

Below is a flowchart Ms. Cowart will use to define PSAs. 


Join us in Boston to clarify your understanding of your options, and bring your questions!

Now is the perfect time to register for the Medical Practice Excellence: Leaders Conference in Boston, October 9-12, 2022, and at the Digital Experience (DX) November 8-10, 2022. The MGMA Community would love to see you!


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