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    MGMA has developed a customized report, available for purchase, that will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your costs in providing healthcare services.

    The MGMA Cost Allocation Report uses your organization’s operational, staffing, and provider expenses, along with CPT information, to create a report of your organization’s average cost per procedure for the service lines you provide.

    This information will give you a foundation for deeper analysis of where your costs are the highest so you can work to implement targeted efficiencies and potentially mine areas where you may need to renegotiate payer contracts. 

    1. Complete the form on this page.
    2. Within one business day, a data analyst will contact you to gather the information needed from your organization to prepare the report. This includes your CPT codes and practice expenses. Note: If you have recently participated in the MGMA Cost and Revenue Survey, most of this data will be easily accessible. 
    3. Once you provide your information, we’ll deliver your customized report directly to your inbox shortly after. 

    View Sample Report

    Questions? Contact MGMA at 877.275.6462, ext. 1895, or at

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